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…PATION!  As promised a few days ago, here’s the big announcement from Twentieth Century Fox and MAC!


M·A·C To Kick Off Cult Classic Film’s 40th Anniversary Celebration With Collection Available October 2nd

Los Angeles – September 2, 2014 – Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and M·A·C Cosmetics kick off the celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in wild style with an untamed M·A·C collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favorite characters from Richard O’Brien’s cult classic film. Fans will transform into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even the time-warped Riff Raff, with an orgy of colour worthy of any midnight mayhem at The Frankenstein Place.

The wonderfully weird collection features lipsticks and lip pencils ($17.50), eye shadow palette ($44.00), glitters and pigment ($23.00), blush ($24.00), powders ($27.50-35.00), liquid eyeliner ($20.00), lashes ($18.50) and more and will be available in stores everywhere on October 2nd and online at

“It is hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since we released The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but as we approach this milestone anniversary, the film is as outrageously entertaining and relevant as it ever was,” said Lou Adler, executive producer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. “It has certainly taken on a life of its own, and continues to transcend generations and hold a solid spot in pop culture year after year.”

“As the fortieth anniversary is looming with great…’Antic-i-pation’ lifelong fans and even newbies to the cult of ROCKY will be very excited by the kick-off of this great product line, says Sal Piro “RHPS Fan Club President.” What better response can there be to the audience call-back “LET THERE BE LIPS” !!!!

I fucking need this. NEED!!!!!!


The Amazing Kinetic Clocks of Miki Eleta


The Amazing Kinetic Clocks of Miki Eleta


Evil Book Club of Evil October Giveaway!

The Evil Book Club of Evil, in celebration of the empirically best month of the year (October), will be giving away books! Two books! In two separate giveaways! Because books! And because we’re a book club - what else would we give away? We considered a fabric softener giveaway because Evil likes soft, non-static-y clothing and they have those special dark clothing blends now, but in the end we decided that books were the way to go.

Because books.

Here are the rules:

  • A “heart” (we’ll pretend it’s a dark heart) gets you an entry.
  • A reblog gets you an entry.
  • We won’t count multiple hearts or reblogs so just do the clicky bits once please.
  • This giveaway is open to Evil Book Club of Evil members only so you’ve got to be following Evil Book Club of Evil.
  • We are running two giveaways for two glorious editions of books read by Evil Book Club of Evil in its inaugural year. You are welcome to enter in both giveaways by hearting and/or reblogging both posts.
  • Winners will be selected and notified on Wednesday, October 1st!

From the official book description:

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein is a twisted, fresh, and utterly original full-length, full-color graphic-novel adaptation of Mary Shelley’s original text, brought to life by acclaimed illustrator Gris Grimly. The first fully illustrated version to use the original 1818 text, this handsome volume is destined to capture the imagination of those new to the story as well as those who know it well.

New York Times bestselling illustrator Gris Grimly has long considered Frankenstein to be one of his chief inspirations. From the bones and flesh of the original, he has cut and stitched Mary Shelley’s text to his own artwork, creating something entirely new: a stunningly original remix, both classic and contemporary, sinister and seductive, heart-stopping and heartbreaking.